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Presidents Day Test: Name All the Similarities Between Trump & Washington

For more than a century, Presidents Day epitomized the inconsequential national holiday. Its significance, for most of us, begins and ends with a day off work (if we even get one). But that attitude must now change. Yes, I come to you with an important message: Presidents Day matters.

The reason the holiday is suddenly relevant has of course to do with Donald Trump — as well as another president, the one for whom the holiday was originally named…

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You Say You Want a Revolution

My new book comes out November 7! Early reviews: “Shorto brings the American Revolution to life in this vibrant account…” (Publisher’s Weekly). “Timely and engaging…a compelling narrative, rich in unexpected twists, turns and parallels” (Booklist). “An engaging, readable and surprisingly complete account of the American Revolution. A tour de force” (Gordon S. Wood, author of “The Radicalism of the American Revolution”).

About the Author

  I was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I have three children (Anna, Eva and Anthony) and three step-children (Reinier, Hector and Benjamin).  I write books of narrative history; I believe history is most meaningful to us when it manifests itself through individuals in conflict. My books have been published in fourteen languages and have won numerous awards.  I am senior scholar at the New Netherland Institute and a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine. My interests include the past, the present and the future, not necessarily in that order.  

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