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Transatlantic Hi

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to my revamped website.  It now has a title–to reflect a basic fact of my existence, which colors my writing and reporting: I am an American who lives in Amsterdam, and this perch gives me both occasion to study what is going on around me in Europe and a sometimes useful distance from which to monitor the U.S.  My work as a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine reflects this: one piece will be about the Catholic Church in Europe, another about the Texas board of education.  My alternate job–as director of the John Adams Institute, an independent American culture center in Amsterdam–accomplishes the same thing in a different way.  The Institute brings American speakers to the Netherlands to give European audiences a window onto what’s going on in the U.S.  Recently we’ve hosted Spike Lee and Jonathan Franzen.  On February 8, we have Robert Kaplan discussing the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean, and on March 2 Nicholas Carr will debate the internet itself. After having spent most of the past five years in the Netherlands, I remain convinced there is a lot that the U.S. can learn from Europe; there are also great waves of misinformation flowing … Continue reading